Alf zahra wa zahra


Alf zahra wa zahra by Ard al zaafaran is a female Oriental botanical aroma. The name of the aroma means "1001 blossoms". An uncommon scent, intense, fascinating, strange, unpredictable, sexy, refined, with fragrances that emanate profundity. Utilize oriental aroma as your secrect weapon, wizardry elixir, seductive mixture.

A gigantic nursery of blossoms, sweet fragrances of angelica and neroli are introduced to us in the top notes, we advance in the immense nursery and we are welcomed by smells of English geranium, iris, lilacs, jasmine and rose, in the notes of center. The scent is characterized by the smells of cypress ambrette Moscato(musk), lily, gardenia and guaiac.

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