The Tiny Compass: Unexpected Journey


Life couldn’t be better for Lilbee.

Finally old enough to venture outside the hive, she quickly flourishes in her new job as a forager. But danger appears in the most unexpected of ways. Lilbee and her swarm soon find themselves ripped away from their home and forced to undergo a terrifying journey. Why is this happening? Who would do such a thing? And where on Earth are they going?

"Unexpected Journey" is a part of the "Tiny Compass" series, which points small hearts and minds towards the beauty, purpose, and intelligent design found in all of Allah’s creation. Thrilling adventures are peppered with fun facts about animals and moral lessons to nourish the heart, making this excellent reading for children and adults alike!

Beautiful Black and White Illustrations

The Tiny Compass series gives your child the best storytelling experience, merging the visual appeal of rich illustrations with fluid, emotional prose to spark the imagination. Each illustration is presented to complement the story’s development so that your child may better understand the characters’ emotions and develop empathy.

The Mission Of This Series is to:

Inspire children to make a difference.

Empower them to discover their potential.

Advocate for our environment, animals and people in need of support.

Showcase exemplary solutions to aid the environment, animals and humans.

Connect scientific knowledge with real life.

Encourage children to reflect upon creation.

Plant a seed of Love for The Creator in little hearts!


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